The Bandana Patchwork Ring Coat from Kapital is not for everyone. 

If you're still only on your second lake house, or driving fewer than three cars:

  • something sensible year-round
  • an SUV for the winter
  • a convertible for the summer (and no, a Sebring doesn't count) 

... it's probably not a fiscally responsible decision to click Add to Cart.

Literally: it's a jacket that costs as much a 2006 Pontiac Vibe, one of Autotrader's Great 9 Used Cars Under $6,000.

Figuratively: it's a jacket that's worth more than all the remaining copies of Theophilus London's 2014 disappointment Vibes still sitting in Best Buy. 


Price:  $5,971

Brand:  Kapital

Store:  Unionmade 

Why:  Kapital makes some of the most interesting Japanese pieces on the market today and the brand hits the sweet spot between unique design and availability, with mainstream pieces carried at larger retailers like Mr. Porter and items like this hand knit, oversized, kimono cardigan carried at Haven. They also make amazing individual bandanas (Mother Fucking Pissed Off, Sushi Rules) at more reasonable price points. If you can afford it, this jacket combines the best of all that Kapital does.