solve two problems at once

There are only two ways to get dressed:

  1. Start with the shoes you want to wear that day, then pick an outfit to match, or
  2. Get dressed down to your socks, then debate on footwear.

The trap in that game is the socks. It's easy to fall down a rabbit hole of sock fuckery, and when you can find a cool pair, like these resistance-dyed indigo ones from Kapital, they cost almost as much as the shoes you'll wear them under.

So, these BRANDBLACK sandals save you the headache and build in the socks right there for you. They also look awesome and follow one of 2017's easiest trends to hop aboard - just don't think this gives your "dress socks with man-sandals while you mow the lawn" look a pass.


Price:  $140


Store:  Wittmore

Why:  There's an argument to be made that the coolest shoes this fall are Abasi Rosborough's split toe sneaker boots. But, if you're not ready to dive feet first in to something that different, BRANDBLACK splits the difference. The neutral colors allow you to pair them with a variety of pants, and the Vibram sole and water repellant sock upper make sure that you won't be caught off guard in inclement weather. Sandals aren't just for the summer any more.