Sure, being single has its perks - who doesn't miss random makeout sessions with shapeless figures in late night bars - but being in a committed relationship isn't all downside either. You have a confidant to share your most intimate hopes and fears, a partner to support you in whatever life throws your way, and someone else to split the cable and electric bills.

But let's be honest; the best part about being in a relationship is that you no longer have to worry about dressing to impress a potential boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/mate/lover, you can finally wear whatever the fuck you want.

When most people are trying to change that Relationship Status dropdown from Single to Literally Anything Else, they feel like they can only dress within a certain range of "normal" acceptability in order to not get swiped over on Tinder just because you're rocking a sweet pink leather jacket. Sure, there are people confident enough in the rest of their overall life, good looks, professional ability, and social graces to not have to abide by this school of thought, or there are the real jawn-heads that are only looking for a date with someone who was able to recognize their FW 2006 Margiela coat from across a crowded room, but the majority of people just want to not fuck up the possibility to maybe talk to someone they find attractive just because that person thought their shoes were whack.

Being in a relationship with someone long enough to free yourself from these restrictive mental shackles is like pushing a bike up a steep hill for years then seeing nothing but downhill in front of you for miles and miles, all you've got to do now is get on the bike and coast.

Want to wear running tights and shorts every minute you're not at work, including when it's negative eighteen degrees outside? Do it, who cares?! You just spent a weekend with your boyfriend's college friends you hate being polite and laughing at terrible jokes, you've earned it! Feel like buying a Pharrell-style giant hat and never taking it off again? As long as you show up to your wife's sister's art show and tell her how amazing it is, who cares?! Why not?!

Having someone that loves you unconditionally and is behind you when you lose your job or a family member gets sick is great and all, but don't underestimate how awesome it feels to rock these HUMAN MADE Corduroy Print Pants and know that it doesn't matter what any other woman thinks when she looks at you, you're still getting laid at home - once a year, on your birthday.


Price:  $325


Store:  HBX

Why:  As you should already know, corduroy is 100% all the way back. What is also transitioning from beatnik self-expression or punk rock DIY to full on mainstream trend is adding written or drawn elements to an otherwise high fashion piece of clothing (or footwear). Brought to the masses by the likes of Virgil Abloh or Faith Connexion, if your artistic skill - like your reading comprehension - is stuck at a third grade level, it's easier than ever to leave the creative part to someone else and stick to self expression through clothes. These HUMAN MADE pants interpret classic Americana design through a playful lens, and while they might not be the best choice for a job interview at Goldman Sachs, for a night out where things might get weird they can't be beat.