the case for multiple email addresses

It's never too late to sign up for a new email address - or eight.

When every dog walker, charitable cause, or delivery company you interact with has their own Mail Chimp daily newsletter, there's absolutely no reason why any sane person should have only one email address. 

A quick glance at your inbox will support the allegation that 95% of emails you receive are trash. Blame the usual culprits:

  • Coupons from the Mexican food place you ordered from on Seamless last week
  • New products from an online retailer whose "Unsubscribe" link oh so conveniently happens to direct to a page that doesn't exist
  • A group thread on Costa Rica hotel recommendations from the rec league volleyball team you played on last summer
  • Reminders that Rover's Going Hungry! from vegan pet store in your neighborhood that you drunkenly gave your email address to when you ran out of dog food and nothing else was open

Unfortunately there is a clear internet marketing differentiation between Trash and Spam, and that distinction is what drives the real reason you need more than one email address. Google (or Hotmail or AOL if you live somewhere that's more than a ninety minute drive from a Taco Bell) does a great job of filtering out the 3nl@rge Y0ur B@nc A©©0unT! messages from sexy local singles, but when every site, service or stranger to whom you've authorized electronic contact reaches out on the daily, Google's hands are tied. Even though Mountain View's email wizards know that with every unread message the invitation to your old neighbor's going away party gets buried deeper and deeper in your inbox abyss, there's nothing they can do.

So here's the game plan: go to immediately, and create an account that is: "your initials"+".email"@gmail. Starting today, only people whose contact information is in your phone, financial, or medical institutions have access to your 2006-legacy DanTheHockeyFan@gmail account, while every online store, ACLU donation, Kickstarter backing or whale watching season notification gets the address. Of course you should forward your new email address to your existing one, but the key is to move those messages right in to a folder or label and not in to your Inbox, so as the days stretch to weeks and months that red notification bubble begins to drop from triple to single digits.

If you really want to get crazy you can register a few more accounts - the only cost here is your time, which we all know is practically worthless - and stratify those emails even further. But that would take valuable minutes away from flexing both your technological and sartorial prowess in these Hamid Holloman Patch Work Pants from UBIQ as you stroll from boutique to boutique, signing up for each mailing list with reckless abandon.


Price:  $400

Brand:  Hamid Holloman for UBIQ

Store:  UBIQ

Why:  These Hamid Holloman joints aren't for everyone; specifically, if you have an aversion to weird groin-adjacent zippers that don't actually function as a fly, you might want to stay away. For the rest of you though, these pants are hand made with a herringbone base fabric and finished with vintage military textiles and make a unique addition to any closet. Also available in blue and green colorways, pair this pair with an oversized denim jacket or t-shirt, perhaps from Union's in house line, for a laid-back nighttime or weekend look. One vintage military fabric patch for each burner email address you've just set up, now that's synergy.