Somewhere along the line people started to really hate the movie Garden State.

For most of you, the Garden State timeline went something like this: one of your cool friends caught an early screening out in California and gushed about it. You weren't sure, so you waited for more positive word of mouth from other friends or outlets like MTV, then you went to the theatre with some freshmen year floormates and it totally. changed. everything. The film spoke to you as a young adult trying to cope with defining an uncertain future, losses of friendship, or navigating a new relationship. You probably remember a highly influential soundtrack and Natalie Portman's full embodiment of the the admittedly problematic Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Then, like most normal people, you moved on with your life and forgot about Garden State. Little have you known, reader, that hating Garden State, then defending Garden State, then looking back a few years later and counterattacking a previous defense of Garden State is thriving cottage industry.

It feels like you're skeptical so, a sampling:

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Evidently, many people harbor intense feelings for a movie whose most memorable scene involves Zach Braff wearing a floral shirt made from the same material as a recently reupholstered bathroom.

While it's impossible to say what Raised by Wolves did with any leftover material after sewing the Frost Trucker Jacket, it's a near guarantee that no one will be writing controversial missives about this verdant masterpiece ten years down the line.


Price:  $215

Brand:  Raised By Wolves

Store:  UBIQ

Why:  Trucker jackets are as close to a timeless outerwear piece as it gets.  From the cast of The Outsiders in denim (and cutoff denim), to Jake Gyllenhaal in Filson, to Levi's first Smart Clothing foray, the trucker jacket has proven its versatility and staying power time and again. If you don't own one yet it's fair to concede advocating Raised By Wolves' floral piece should be your first is an uphill battle, but if you already have a blue, black or chore coat brown in the rotation, it's a boundary worth pushing. Like any balanced diet, or wardrobe, sure you need your foundational healthy breakfasts but what fun is life without the occasional ten pieces of bacon plus a side of bacon splurge?