There are certain people in your life whose company you really enjoy but don't see in person with any real frequency.

Not old college roommates or high school friends with years of shared history and experience, these are your third cousins removed or the one legit guy at that super shitty job. Because you can only draw from a limited - but always entertaining - past, when you do get together you use a foundation of really specific jokes as a shared reference point, easing over the tension of not knowing minutiae of each other's daily lives and paving the road for future fun.

If you're not following, here are two clarifying scenarios:

1)  While working weekends to put yourself through grad school, you got a job at sandwich store where the name is a synonym for an underground train. Amongst the crop of high school kids whose parents made them get a job and people tenured enough to remember when Jared came in for a promotional tour there was Andy, a normal guy lighthouse in a sea of weirdos. Late one night, just before closing, a crazy dude threw open the door and demanded a turkey sandwich with no turkey and extra mayo. Andy dutifully took his order, even as, "More mayo, man!" was repeated until it oozed out the sides. When Mayo Man got up to your register he asked, "This mayo doesn't have egg in it, does it?" When you replied that all mayo has egg in it, he threw the sandwich down on the ground yelling, "Goddamn it, I hate eggs!" before storming out of the store. Andy left town after that summer, and you quit when you got an office job shortly after, but while you only see each other once a year when he's back in town, the greeting never changes: "More mayo, man!" and texts with egg gifs occupy the time in between.

2)  While in Missouri for a cousin's wedding, you're hanging out in a back yard drinking and chatting with your wife's cousins' husbands, a conversation with the potential to be tenuous at best or unbearable at worst. But these dudes are pretty cool, and you all get to talking about how lame most weddings are and optimal placement of open bars in a two bar setup. All of a sudden, from across the patio, you hear, "Snake!" People scatter, but not the three of you. Sprinting in to action, the snake is shepherded in to a receptacle and thrown over the fence to live out its life in a neighbor's yard. And so, the Snake Boys were born. With only three members it's perhaps the world's smallest reptile-friendly gang, but when those monthly texts filled with snake emoji come through, or emails discussing snake-themed biker jackets are exchanged, it feels like you're part of something much bigger. And you've got a perpetual conversation starting point for the next time you're all together.

It's just too bad that this sterling silver Snake Cuff from Stevenson Overall Co x Mohawk is one of a kind, it really would've been a perfect Snake Boys stocking stuffer.


Price:  $795

Brand:  Stevenson Overall Co x Mohawk

Store:  Rivet and Hide

Why:  Jewelry is cool. Why do you think the smarter gender has been wearing it for hundreds of years in Western society while most men are only now figuring out they can sport something else other than a wedding wring on their fingers and wrists? This sterling silver piece is made in Japan from one solid coil of silver - just like a snake! It's thin enough to slide up underneath a shirt sleeve but badass enough to earn a nod from any real biker (or scooter) gang member while you sidle up to the pool table, Big Leauge Chew in hand and ask who's got next.