I just want to sell out my funeral - (Dan Campbell, The Wonder Years) 

Authenticity is dying and it doesn't matter. All of us who remember what it meant to be a part of an underground subculture will be dead soon enough anyways, so fuck it, embrace cutthroat capitalism and the freedom its aesthetics over everything mentality provides.

Every day our corporate overlords, in their down time between eating the poor and ramming a pro mega-rich agenda through our government (what up tax cuts for private jet owners and the elimination of Net Neutrality, we see you out there grinding away at our liberties) look to hoover up products of independent culture creators in an attempt to wring out every last cent through economies of scale and mass manufacturing. And with Instagram reducing our lives to scrollable, throwaway visual chunks and every outlet from CNN to your mother's Christmas cards pivoting to video, the dull masses no longer have time or the desire to read, understand nuance, and find meaning and belonging in strange places; they just want to fucking look cool, and for as many people as possible to smash that <3 button.


As rap, metal, Deadheads, and skateboarders alike have their this-used-to-mean-something signifiers reduced to "old man yells at cloud" status, and Business of Fashion argues that Fashion Needs Cultural Appropriation, now's as good a time as ever to buy that Megadeth hoodie or a Thrasher t shirt you always wanted. Despite never skating a day in your life, even the most grizzled skate rat will think, "Better this kook than Kendall Jenner," when they see you walk by.

Enter this plush Fleece Arch Cap, clutch cold weather gear regardless of brand, but with the added bonus that it's from Quartersnacks, one of the OG internet skateboarding websites/companies/knowledge compendiums that's stayed true to its NYC roots over the past ten years (free plug for their 10th Anniversary book available here). Who cares if the editor of Thrasher thinks appropriating skate culture is "corny as fuck," he's not turning down the checks that come with ten million eyeballs seeing off duty models rocking their shit. So wear this hat with no reservations, just make sure next time you see an overweight security guard chasing a skater you run a little interference for your four-wheeled friend.


Price:  $25

Brand:  Quartersnacks

Store:  Quartersnacks Webstore (and Caliroots)

Why:  Here in Chicago we're in the Gotcha! days of December, where the sky is clear and blue without a cloud in the sky. If you got hit by a bus in May and woke up from a coma this morning you'd swear we're closer to July 4th than New Years, in reality it's freezing outside and that winter sun is trying to trick you in to leaving the house unprepared for a windchill of minus two. But forget that noise; you didn't get smacked around in gym class all those years to let Seasonal Affective Disorder beat you now - throw on this god damn luxurious looking fleece cap from Quartersnacks and brave the cold like a real boy, Pinocchio.