Usually when a piece of clothing is marketed as "reversible," what the company is really trying to say is, "We made two items that suck and we know we won't get you to spend a hundred bucks on each of these shitty shirts, but I bet if we slapped 'em together in to one reversible item a bunch of suckers will pay us one fifty and think they got a steal."

The inspiration behind reversible items in general likely traces back to the definitively male, late teen to early twenties mindset of, "Everyone will think it's a new, second shirt and no one will know I wore it yesterday." Bad news, Derek, everyone knows.

This Hunting Coat from Kuon is the exact opposite of that. 


Price:  $965

Brand:  Kuon

Store:  The Bureau Belfast 

Why:  The workwear vibe in full effect this fall, with Junya Watanabe collaborating with Carhartt on combination chore coat/varsity jackets and GQ writing pieces like "How Dickies, Patagonia and Carhartt are Making Street Style Dope Again." This jacket from Kuon puts a twist on traditional workwear, with a hunting coat-inspired silhouette and using fabric from vintage army tents. The reverse side is just absolutely bonkers in the best possible way, and the unique-to-each-piece multicolored pockets are - as Kuon puts it - "big [enough] ... for putting preys in." I don't know about that, but rest assured whatever you put in those pockets you'll get plenty of eyeballs looking your way.