pokemon go away

No one ever looks happy at a Pokemon Go meetup.

I didn’t even realize people were still playing Pokemon (collecting? what's the right verb here?) but once a week I’ll be walking outside or sitting having lunch and I’ll see a group of around ten strangers, with a at least two rented hourly bikes, standing in a circle furiously tapping on their phones trying to blend in to the surroundings before their bosses notice they aren’t at their desk anymore.

Next time I’ll tell them about this jacket that will help them camouflage their sadness from passerby like me.


Price:  $487

Brand:  Story MFG

Store:  Other Shop

Why:  Instead of having to choose between grey, black or blue, why not a coat that can be all three? With a boxy, oversized fit you can wear it as pictured with just a t shirt, or layer it with a sweatshirt underneath as the temperatures drop. The asymmetric zipper and the open collar add enough interest to make this as a piece you can come back to in fall, winter or spring.