Putting aside money, access and notoriety, the best part about playing the main character in a Hollywood flick has to be the guarantee that you're the best dressed person on set every day. While the boom mic operators, assistant DP's and best boys are forced to wear black you get to peacock around set in custom fitted jawnz. What a life. 

The thing about this phenomenon is it doesn't stop when the camera go live; next time you're watching a movie and there's a scene that involves hundreds of extras, like an overhead shot of the lead walking through a crowded city or a hero's grand entrance in to a suave black tie event, take a look at what he or she is wearing. Nine times out of ten, she'll be the only one not adhering to a strict black and white monochrome dress code, and the tenth time you're watching a Bond movie. Once Sean Connery got ahold of that black and white suit, well, there isn't much a modern 007 can do to change Jimmy's iconic look.


But back to that non-Bond majority. The 'splash of color in muted sea of grey' aesthetic is the filmmakers are not-so-subtly signaling to you, "Yeah man, it's totally cool to more or less ignore all these other people, they're really nothing more than window dressing/human filler for this scene." And while this camera and costume work is an outstanding way to prompt your eyes to track Gal Gadot as she works her way through a party of evil German henchmen, it should also - maybe - make you ask the question, "When I pick out my clothes in the morning, why does my wardrobe look more like Generic Extra #7's than Wonder Woman's?"

You're the protagonist in your own life story. Shouldn't you start dressing the part, damn it?

Sure, the narrative of your biopic may hew closer to Groundhog Day than Wolf of Wall Street but that doesn't mean you have to dawn a standard-issue black overcoat for your daily commute instead of making the bolder choice to flex on your haters like Woody Harrelson in White Men Can't Jump. If you're worried that throwing on a pink, white or pastel blue coat is too much for you, flip your frame of reference: don't do it for you, do it for everyone else. Do you know how fucking boring it is to walk through a city filled with millions of people and have the whole place look like Pleasantville? 

So just like the style god Nicholas Cage found a map to buried treasure on the back of the U.S. Declaration Independence, allow these Limited Edition Combat Smocks from Arktip to lead you on the path to a more colorful state of existence. Whether out for an evening on the town or picking up a head of lettuce at the grocery store, don't miss an opportunity to remind the the rest of us the world is your god damn stage.


Price:  $180

Brand:  Arktis

Store:  Arktis

Why:   Bad news first: these jackets went quick, and as of publication most colors have only one size available, so we suggest you move with expedience. If you're lucky enough to snag one before they're gone you'll be getting an urban-ready, camouflage-inspired, "showerproof" - literally, that's the marketing word, you can stay dry in the shower with this thing - jacket with pockets to spare, that's made of 50/50 ripstop (so a single tear won't get spread in to something larger). Wear it by itself on warmer days or pair it with an Arktis fleece-lined Mammoth Shirt days when the temperature dips. And at less than two hundred bucks they're a steal - a small price to pay to stand out in any crowd.