Based out of Los Angeles, Dr. Collectors was started in 2011 by a husband and wife from France, Olivier and Beatrice Grasset, and their son, Teddy. Before opening Dr. Collectors, Olivier was creative director at French brand Chipie, and one of the country's leading collectors of vintage garments.

Dr. Collectors started out making scarves by sewing together vintage bandanas found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market and creating recycled bags sourced from vintage overalls, military pants and denim.

Today Dr. Collectors makes everything from pants and denim, to hand painted shirts, to remade, embroidered vintage Dutch Military jackets, which they sell primarily out of Trading Post Gallery, a retail store and showroom in LA, opened in 2014.

They also make and hand-dye all their garments in LA. From an interview with WGSN:

You hand-dye a lot of garments yourself, what is your method? How particular is your indigo dying?

First is the passion to do it. I’m only using natural Indigo, and dye my garments outside in my studio in Los Angeles, helped by California Sun.

Where do you produce all your pieces? 

In Los Angeles, wherelse? We produce everything in Los Angeles, in small manufacture, then we do all the finishing at home. The entire process of our clothes is 100% America, from the fabric to the tools we use.

Dr. Collectors is similar in spirit and design to Japanese brands like Needles or Kapital, with an ethos driven by craftsmanship that reminds of of Visvim. Items like their drop crotch, Cactus-painted linen pants check off two waves at once:

  1. Cacti and succulents, which are everywhere, and
  2. Embellished pants or denim, a la Gucci.

Check out Dr Collectors products below.

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Manready Mercantile

Trading Post LA (in-house store)