Just because your dog can go outside naked doesn't mean you can too. 

The benefits of dog ownership know no end: faithful, loving companionship, a friend who's always up for an adventure, a great way to meet strangers in breweries or parks, and a warm, furry pillow to keep you company at night. Dogs are like children who never complain or talk back, so if it's too cold to send a kindergartener outside without a jacket, it's too cold for your dog too.

And if you're already buying your dog a dope coat there's no better excuse than to double up and get one for yourself. Below we round up the season's most stylish "Human+Canine=Best Friends" options. Stay toasty.


If you close your eyes and imagine a beautiful sunset in a wooded forest, leaves an array of green, red, and orange, while a man and his dog stroll towards a log cabin, nine of out ten of you pictured that man wearing a Filson jacket. It doesn't get more classic "autumn in America" than Filson. For your dog, a reversible coat made of 100% virgin wool with double layer sueded Moleskin for extra neck comfort, and for you a European goose down cruiser with fitted cuffs and a snap-closure storm flap.

Best For: Long treks in the wooded Northeast, off-roading in a Land Rover Defender 90, or snowy walks to a Seattle coffee shop.

Mutt: Filson Shelter Cloth Dog Coat ($95)

Man: Filson Down Cruiser ($695)


The only thing more recognizable than Thom Browne's signature four stripe armband is his lovable Dachshund, Hector. Since you'll never be able to provide your own canine companion with Hector's amazing jet-setting life, the least you can do is dress your pal like a millionaire. You'll both be looking suave in matching cardigans with 100% cashmere, buttoned side slits, and grosgrain trim.

Best For: Classy as fuck holiday parties, buying an extra seat in First Class on a flight to your parents' house your best friend.

Mutt: Thom Browne Hector Striped Cashmere Dog Cardigan ($590)

Man: Thom Browne Slim-Fit Striped Cashmere Cardigan ($1,750)


The Carhartt logo is synonymous with quality workmanship and no-nonsense products at affordable value, so it's no surprise that this four-legged/two-armed duo comes in at by far the lowest combined price. You'll both be sporting 100% ring-spun cotton duck outers, and while the human version has blanket quilting inside and your dog will stay dry with an interior nylon lining. Just don't get too close to a construction site while you're walking Spark, wearing a coat like this they're liable to tell her she's got first shift on the cement mixer come Monday.

Best For: Staying warm on a budget, taking a beating at the dog park, shoveling long driveways for your elderly neighbors.

Mutt: Carhartt Duck Chore Coat ($79.99)

Man: Carhartt Dog Chore Coat ($39.99)


They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and since Monse only launched as a brand in 2015 - and Pendleton's made coats for dogs since at least 2014 - who's to say who copied whom? Both pieces incorporate the iconic green, red and yellow stripes on white blankets, and while Monse's version is 100% wool Pendleton will keep your dog warm with quilted cotton canvas on his jacket's inside. And if the Monse option is a little too loud for your taste don't worry, just check out one of the many vintage 1970's Hudson Bay Blanket Coats available on Etsy.

Best For: A gift for the woman in your life you love almost as much as your dog, making a beautifully loud statement wherever you go.

Mutt: Pendelton National Park Dog Coat ($49)

Man (or woman): Monse Hudson's Bay Blanket Coat ($1,990) 


What Filson is to America Barbour is to the United Kingdom, so when only the most upscale British outwear will do - you know this dog coat is classy by its adjustable metal waistbelt - now you know where to turn. During foggy London afternoons you'll both keep your necks toasty with corduroy collars and with waxed cotton outer layers you'll have no issue staying dry after meeting friends for fish and chips.

Best For: Test driving a Jaguar (but buying a Lincoln), bringing Clifford to Sid Mashburn while you get a suit tailored, dinner with your in-laws.

Mutt: Barbour Wax Dog Coat ($69)

Man: Barbour International Original Wax Jacket ($335) 


No knock against the five pooch parkas above, but they all seem to have forgotten one vital jacket component: a hood. Just because Kane enjoys the occasional romp in a puddle doesn't mean you should ignore his head during a downpour. With a front zipper on Wagwear's Rainbreaker it's easy to get on and off, and the adjustable hood (yes, for a dog!) means that rain won't get your dog down. Stutterheim, out of Sweden, has been making the best no-frills raincoats this decade, and if this rubberized cotton, with double welded seams option isn't your cup of tea in red there's a dozen more colors from which to choose.

Best For: Stormy nights when you really don't want to take Franklin for his walk, dodging raindrops from your house to the dog-friendly local taproom. 

Mutt: Wagwear Nylon Rainbreaker ($62)

Man: Stutterheim Stockholm Red ($295) 


Like reaching the final boss in a video game, you're looking at the baddest winter best friends pairing out there. Sure you'll come off as a bit more than mildly insane, but you'll also be dry, warm, and looking like a bad ass. For the days when you don't want to let a foot or three of snow stop you from your morning constitutional you can do no better than putting on the breathable, waterproof CG1 Ski Suit yourself and strapping Scooter in to his Slush Combat Suit for a little snowbound celebration.

Best For: Bringing your dog along on a weeklong snowshoe or cross-country skiing trip, being the envy of all other dog owners.

Mutt: Hurtta Slush Combat Suit ($98)

Man: RED7 CG1 All-In-One Suit ($468)


We already crowned the Nike Zoom Fly SP Nike's best new silhouette of 2017, so cap off your 2017 with the more winter-appropriate Zoom Fly. The thick, running-ready sole gives you some elevation over mild snow or sleet, and since they come in six colors you'll have no problem finding a pair to match the Pawz boots that best suit your furry friend.

Best For: Use on feet.

Mutt: Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots, Blue ($12)

Man: Nike Zoom Fly ($150)

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