Make no mistake; when you put on this James Grose Collective Action special edition "Manila" double-rider shark grey suede jacket not only will you be wearing the garment with the longest name known to man, you'll be looking like a badass. Which is exactly what you go for when you're the chief of the litter police.

Right off the bat, if you litter, fuck you. May you drown to a slow and painful death in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Nothing in the world says, "I'm a fucking selfish asshole" more emphatically than your tiny brain realizing there's a piece of trash in your hand, followed by the firing of synapses to your hand releasing that trash to the ground. What is your excuse? Did you suddenly discover upon finishing your coffee that Dunkin Donuts had put a live tarantula at the bottom of your cup? Did you unfold your napkin to read "MADE WITH RECYCLED EBOLA" on the inside? Do you enjoy taking free newspapers from sidewalk-adjacent containers and throwing them in the air like giant pieces of confetti?

Sometimes life can be a little inconvenient. The train doors shut as you run down the platform, or someone else gets the last box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch at the grocery store. In these cases you don't start throwing pennies on to the electrified rail of the train tracks, or open a box of Cheerios and pour it on the floor like a toddler, you comport yourself like a human being who understands the boundaries of society. But having to walk more than three feet in public while holding a piece of garbage? Fuck that, on the ground it goes. 

So you know what you have to do, non-littering torchbearer of public cleanliness? Next time you see someone throw trash on the ground in front of you, pick it up. Then after a light jog to catch up with the offender, tap them on the shoulder and say in your most Liam Neeson or Leslie Jones voice, "Excuse me, I believe you dropped this." The look on their face will be priceless. First they'll register shock, stunned that that someone had the courage to call them out for being a selfish twat, and next they'll flash anger because, well, you can't tell them what to do! Then they'll size up your dope shark grey motorcycle jacket and see, like Wu-Tang Clan, you ain't nothing to fuck with. Finally comes the sheepish apology, with a meek, "Oh, I must have accidentally dropped it. Sorry about that." 

Peabrain litterers: 0 - You: 1


Price:  $1,185

Brand:  James Grose

Store:  No Man Walks Alone

Why:  A good leather jacket is a piece that no man should go without, but a common refrain heard from guys is, "I don't know if I can pull it off." Here's the thing; if tailored well, a leather jacket can act as a sort of protective aura or a universe-bending mechanism for its wearer, rendering even the most quiet or unassuming man - or woman, for that matter - in to a touch-of-mystery badass. While black is the most common starting point, grey allows you to avoid the aggressive black jeans/black jacket combination, and grey pairs better with a variety of denim shades. If you're dead set on black give John Elliott's Rider Jacket a look, but the combination of the slim cut, suede instead of cowhide, and four zippered front pockets make this James Grose a worthy piece for any rebels out there, with or without a cause.