L’appel du Vide

It's a cool but bright afternoon, and our scene finds you enjoying a beverage on a friend's eighth story rooftop. The atmosphere is familiar and welcoming, with folding chairs arranged in a semi-circle and empty cans littering the tile like the flowers in next door's abandoned lot. During a lull in conversation you rise and wander over to the building's edge, staring down at the cars and people below when it hits you: the pull to take that final step and surrender to gravity. 

Or, the landscape could be totally different: you're driving, halfway through a four-hour road trip, uneventful save for the occasional roadside wildlife. A green and gold palate blurs by your driver's side window, the colors drawn by alternating fields of corn and leafy vegetables, and traffic is sparse as your companion leans her seat back for a nap. As you begin a lazy descent down a long but gentle hill, you are suddenly overcome by the desire to turn your wheel directly in to the path of that oncoming tractor trailer and to feel the force of your momentum cratered, reversed, and erased.

If you've ever experienced this feeling of death calling your name, or of the desire to submit yourself to the unknown, you're not alone and it has a name: L’appel du Vide, The Call of the Void (of course the French could be trusted to come up with such poetic nomenclature for suicidal ideations). There's comfort in knowing you're not alone, and that you may not be as fucked up as you believe you are - at least when it comes to this particular area of self-assessment. With this Hawaiian Atomic Palms Shirt from SSS World Corp let the world know that even amongst sand and sunsets there's room for disaster, chaos and death in your mind. Just, maybe, don't wear it to your therapist's office.


Price:  $170

Brand:  SSS World Corp

Store:  Selfridges (and Paul & Friends)

Why:  As a horrible person but great friend once put it, "In five billion years the sun is going to explode and consume the Earth and erase all trace of human civilization as we know it, so fuck it - congratulations on your marriage." Let your inner nihilist flag fly with this satin shirt inspired by a 'post-apocalyptic beach mentality.' Whether you rock it skateboarding at midnight drunk with your crew, or tucked in like you're the fourth Bee Gee as you walk in to a client meeting at work, this shirt sends the right message: we're all going down in flames one day, so dress accordingly.