As The Ladies Man says, "Hey, it's a a lady!" 

Let's acknowledge it: those were probably the words that first came to your mind when you saw this Kapital Elephant Bandana Remake shirt. But it's 2017 - who gives a shit what bathroom a shirt model chooses to use?

You know the drill. You're in a rush to pack your bag before you go to the gym, and forget to throw in your glasses or contacts. You don't want to wear your SALT. frames out on the treadmill, so next thing you know you're out there squinting left and right trying to find a gym boyfriend (or girlfriend). You see a cute thing over by the squat rack in a nice black and silver getup, so you sidle over only to realize you've been making eyes with a rack of 45 lb weights for the past twenty minutes. Smooth. 

Regardless of gender - binary, non-binary, or you're actually a sentient metal weight rack - this shirt is guaranteed to make sure its wearer turns heads, both vision-corrected and not.


Price:  $509

Brand:  Kapital

Store:  Envoy of Belfast

Why:  Kapital has no shortage of oversized or bandana-quilted garments, but this shirt might be the best of all worlds. Even with extensive digging I couldn't find a specifically "male" version from them - all others had short sleeves - so who cares if it's being sold at a women's store? Dope is dope. If you're still unconvinced, the founder of the Envoy opened her own shop after working at one of the best menswear stores out there, The Bureau Belfast, and the model is 5'11" - so even you guys who don't qualify for Bumble's I only date men six feet or taller matches can wear this shirt. The extended strip down the left side adds some je ne sais quoi to any fit, but what you'll be hearing more than anything is, "Où as-tu acheté cette chemise?"