just throw something on

There are times when you can (and should) stew for hours over picking out your best possible outfit, debating between band or spread collars, drop crotch versus high rise, or pink versus salmon, and then there are times when you just have to fucking throw something on and be done with it.

Thx Four Pins for this one.

Thx Four Pins for this one.

Don't misinterpret this message, there's no advocacy here for a uniform Zuckerberg/Doug Funny wardrobe overhaul, just the acknowledgement that sometimes you've got to admit the juice isn't worth the squeeze.

Whether it's lunch with your mother, picking up cheese at the fancy place across town, or attending work functions where the dress code is completely ambiguous (You're Invited to the 2017 Holiday Party! Location: An indoor soccer field), situations like this either aren't worth the effort it takes to achieve that 11/10 aesthetic or are too hard to accurately predict what everyone else is going to wear so your best course of action is just to aim for the middle.

For lower-key outings like grabbing gruyere or that bite with the woman who raised you, all you really need to do is look "nice" enough in the traditional sense for the person behind the counter not to roll his eyes when you ask how each type of manchego differs. For bigger, sartorially vague events, risk going too avant-garde and you'll spend the entire function explaining the intricacies of Japanese indigo dye, or lean the other direction and show up overdressed and your reward is an extended afternoon where everyone you encounter asks how the job interview went, or worse, who died? 

This Crissman Road Pendleton Overshirt from Denehen 1920 checks off all the boxes for those times when you literally just can't even. Lucky for you no one will know that before you threw on this perfectly good shirt-jacket hybrid and called it a day you spent the equivalent of two Law & Order: SVU episodes matching Pantone color palettes and uploading Fit pics to Styleforum for feedback. Dignity, intact.


Price:  $355

Brand:  Denehen 1920

Store:  Division Road, Inc.

Why:  This overshirt is like a double espresso neat, nothing fancy but it gets the job done. Made from 100% 20oz Pendleton wool there's no doubt it's going to keep you warm, and it can be worn unbuttoned as a jacket or buttoned up for a more formal look. Add in the brass top snap, reinforced rectangular elbow patches, welted hand pockets and tan twill-lined accents and you've got yourself a garment that requires only minimal brain activity to throw on any time.