Remember when life's biggest challenge was going out to a bar on a Saturday night and worrying that someone else would accidentally - or not so accidentally - walk off with your jacket? Some dudes would tie their coats in knots around the back of chairs, or they'd MacGyver some sort of seat cushion fort to hide their jacket but no matter what they did, come the end of the night, that black North Face fleece was gone.

If you were a real scumbag your next thought after finding your coat missing was, "Fuck it, I'm a size medium, someone stole mine, I'm gonna rifle through all the coats I can find and steal someone else's and make sure this karma train never ends."

Why didn't we just plan better? Either by accepting that we'd be cold for twenty minutes and skipping the jacket altogether, by wearing something wildly outlandish no one could steal without you noticing, or by wearing something that you could just keep on while you were inside? Something like, perhaps, this Polartec Fleece T Shirt from Snow Peak?

Now just buy the thing and never steal anyone else's jacket ever again, you god damn juvenile delinquent.


Price:  $220

Brand:  Snow Peak

Store:  Blue in Green Soho

Why:  A short sleeve sweatshirt or fleece cannot be recommended highly enough. Of all the pieces I've purchased in the last two years, this Pilgrim Surf reversible anorak is undoubtedly in the top five. Perfect for walking around when it's in the 50's or 60's with a t shirt underneath and not getting sweaty, or worn with a long sleeve shirt underneath as pictured here, the Polartec fleece of this Snow Peak shirt is comfortable enough to be worn on its own or versatile enough to be styled over something drapey with an extended hem, like an Engineered Garments band collar shirt. With options like that you can finally stop opening your closet door and saying, "Ugh, I've got nothing to wear."