There's no faster way to kill your, "I'm the coolest guy in the room vibe," than going to a farmers market in a new city. Putting aside historical class implications of who can afford to shop at farmers markets and where in urban regions they were located, there's something about a farmers market that brings out the secret, perfectly styled, bohemian illuminati. Whether it's a couple in draped tunics and matching antique jade jewelry, the sexiest dad you've ever seen carrying a gorgeous child on his shoulders, or an old man bearing a striking resemblance to Johnny Cash amiably chatting up each stall owner, the pull of organic fruits and vegetables is irresistible to city style rulers.

The weird thing is, this phenomenon seems to extend to every city but your own. At home, you can show up stunting in your Raf Simons Adidas and Engineered Garments shirt but, without fail, everyone else looks like they just rolled out of bed - specifically, a twin mattress on the floor of an apartment they share with six other people. Either that, or it's you and a gaggle of go-getter moms whose $1,500 strollers look more like Transformers than baby carriers. 

On top of it all, these cool farmers market attendees, ostensibly from disparate walks, all appear to know each other too, smiling and waving from across a parking lot or town square and asking grammatically perfect questions about each other's life, family and job, never once ending a sentence with a preposition. While Outward appearances suggest nothing in common other than a supreme mastery of weekend morning fashion, evidently there's a secret club foreign cities where chic strangers gather and rub elbows in between their local kale and honey hunting sessions.

This Snow Peak Rip Stop Dress (but come on, it's just an oversized shirt) eliminates the decision making from your farmers market wardrobe conundrum: it's practical for all weather conditions, pocket space to spare, and sufficiently free-spirited to earn a nod from the trendy couple that owns the glass blowing studio you passed on the way. Hell, in this shirt, the next time you find yourself in Austin or Nashville it just might be you getting checked out by the farmers market rock stars instead of the other way around.


Price:  $340

Brand:  Snow Peak

Store:  Snow Peak

Why:  While Snow Peak may label this garment as a dress, it's important to note that the model is 5'0", so if you're at least average by American standards a more accurate name might be a Kind Of Long Shirt. And you know what long shirts are great for? Super dope layered 'fits. This shirt underneath a cardigan and a bomber or aviator jacket will have you wrapped up and zen'd out. Plus, Snow Peak used 100% cotton rip stop, and this shirt has god damn pockets built in to an apron-like front, so when you're out at the farmers market and the urge for an extra few apples or tomatoes strikes you - absolutely no bag necessary.