If you find yourself wandering the left (or right) side of the internet, you'll find a common thought experiment is as follows: What would a person who has been in a coma since 2015 say if they woke up today and found out Donald Trump was president? This is a real question to which many people want an answer.

The posers of this question are not looking for a measured response, they're only looking to have their own values reiterated back to them, but the question they're driving at - How does it feel to wake up one day and no longer recognize the landscape around you? - is interesting nonetheless. The premise can be applied to politics, sure, but it can also be applied to contemporary culture as well: the omnipresence of something called athleisure, the fact that before 2006 the words "Soul" and "Cycle" had likely never appeared next to each other in the English language, or the sudden and widespread proliferation of Canada Goose jackets. 

When Barack Obama took office, only Canadians who lived within driving distance of the Arctic Circle recognized Canada Goose as a clothing brand; to the rest of us Canadian geese were just ugly looking swans that shit all over our soccer and football fields and made outdoor gym class an exercise in "avoid the pile." These days once the temperature dips you can't board a train or enter a trendy restaurant without seeing Canada Goose jackets hung like stocking everywhere you look.

So if shoveling snow or donning long underwear are part of your November through March routines, you are faced with the only down coat decision that matters: to Goose, or not to Goose? To blend in, or to stand out? To be ubiquitous, or to be unique?

In a sea of winter blacks, dark greys, and even darker greys, go green with Junya Watanabe MAN's North Face down jacket. Don't be a sheep. Or a goose. 


Price:  $738

Brand:  Junya Watanabe MAN x The North Face

Store:  Need Supply

Why:  Any item whose existence is inherently functional faces an uphill battle towards the indefinable "cool." A trustworthy raincoat, waterproof winter boots and a down jacket are all pieces where it's easy to say, "Fuck it, I don't care how it looks as long as it keeps me dry/warm/protected." The problem with this mindset once you give in the next thing you know you end up looking like Ralphie from A Christmas Story or Jeff from the Planning department who still wears snow pants to the office at the age of 45. A good down jacket is already going to start at a couple hundred bucks, so spending up a bit for the unique green colorway, subtle TNF printing on the side and rear of the coat, and removable hood on Junya's take on a classic may be the only thing come springtime that keeps you pining for the cold.