Cool train guys

Most people who take public transit to and from work are on a pretty standard schedule. It's not like some days you're waking up at 5am and working 6-2 then the next day you sleep in and work 11-7. The alarm goes off at 6:45am, you get dressed in a jawn or two, grab a quick breakfast, then head for the train. And since you're not a lunkhead you know which train car drops you directly in front of the stairs at your exit, so you're operating in a window of only small [time+train car] variation on any given day. All this goes to say, you get to know the people on your commute.

Well, no you don't actually "know" them, because you're not some sort of savage that talks to people who have headphones in, but each one has a story you've created for them in your head:

  • Underpaid, Overworked Public School Teacher: She's usually sitting with a stack of papers in her lap, red pen in one hand, jacket never buttoned correctly, staring longingly at the horizon wondering how hard it is to get a new identity.
  • Finance Bro: He gets on at the stop closer to downtown where you can't afford to live, carries a leather shoulder bag with a strap so long it bangs his ankles, doesn't cut the sleeve tag off his suits (plus they're wide enough even the Cherry Popping Daddies would be embarrassed), and he wears the same square toed slip-ons every day.
  • Advertising Young Executive: She never sits because sitting would wrinkle her freshly-pressed A Line skirt, she looks like she's straight out of a Need Supply editorial, and can juggle a coffee and cell phone simultaneously while never truly holding on to a railing or overhead bar
  • Cool Train Guy: Perfect hair with no visible product, doesn't sweat even in July when the car is like a thousand degrees, clothes are impeccably tailored, you saw him wearing Hender Schemes once, and he totally works at some awesome company where he just gets paid to look amazing and surf Twitter all day. 

Wear this Neighborhood Pen shirt and maybe one day you can be the Cool Train Guy in someone else's story. 


Price:  $246

Brand:  Neighborhood

Store:  Nitty Gritty

Why:  Life's too short not to make a bold decision every once in a while, right? Sure, you know that a cutaway collar on a dress shirt is the bolder choice compared to a spread collar, but a cutaway collar on a short sleeve, casual shirt? That's like smashing CTRL+B and CAPS LOCK at the same time. It's the details like the cutaway on this Neighborhood piece that make it stand out in the subtlest of ways: the slit pocket instead of the typical rounded pocket adds some visual interest (FOH with whatever this pocket was trying to do), and the button loops instead of the traditional buttonholes make this the perfect shirt to wear buttoned up in the winter or unbuttoned to let the world visually grab an appropriate amount of chest in the warmer months.