If you had to guess, right now, when was the last time John Mayer wasn’t in the top three coolest people in any given room? 1999?

His debut album, Room For Squares, came out in 2001, he’s played with the Grateful Dead, and he’s grown in to one of the few rock music style icons of our generation. Along with his much written-about love for Visvim and vintage watches, Mayer also has a signature garment from one of the coolest t shirt brands today, Online Ceramics. This one’s been long sold out, but if you pick up one of their offerings maybe John will pick you out of the crowd at a future show, like Springsteen and Courtney Cox in “Dancing in the Dark.”


Price:  $70

Brand:  Online Ceramics

Store:  REVIVE MI (also available at Union LA,

Why:  This shirt, or any from Online Ceramics, is an immediate standout in the sea of screen printed shirts today. While Merch may have peaked in 2016, it's still a universal signifier of cultural cachet, and the Grateful Dead have been at the game much longer than Kanye or Bieber. Plus, with the Dead's eternal message of peace, love, hope and creativity this is a fandom that won't judge you if the only song you know is Truckin'. And if it's good enough for Mayer...