There are only two types of men who would read a site like this: men who admit they looked for replicas of the silk, scorpion jacket Ryan Gosling wore in Drive, and god damn fucking liars. 

If we could go back and look at your Google history from September and October of 2011 you fucking know we'd find "Ryan Gosling Drive Jacket," "Gosling Drive Halloween Costume," and "How Can I Dress Like Ryan Gosling In Drive?" searches sandwiched between "Silver Lake Studio Apartment Under $800" and "Will Derrick Rose Be The Best NBA Point Guard Ever?" Either that or you were an early adopter of Incognito Mode, but we know both know you looked.

Whether it's trying to dress like Mr. Hey Girl himself, searching for Neo's shades from The Matrix, or running through a storm in a Blade Runner-esque clear raincoat, it's generally a losing proposition to steal looks directly from a film and put them in your daily rotation. Remember Vote For Pedro t shirts? Of course you do. It was the go to $17 funny/ironic t shirt for every white kid in suburban America in summer and fall 2004. But dollars to donuts says you don't have that picture up on your Tinder profile at age 30 anymore, do you? Unless you're Greg Popovich, that is.

So wear this Champion x Wood Wood Fleece Opal Jacket and no one will know you're secretly cosplaying as a Star Wars Wampa ice monster and that you spend your nights in a Tauntaun sleeping bag, they'll just think you're a totally reasonable, well dressed individual.


Price:  $211

Brand:  Champion x Wood Wood

Store:  The Idle Man

Why:  Finding a versatile fleece that you'll want to wear for years to come is not an easy proposition. You can walk the straight and narrow with a monotone Patagonia Synchilla, go crazy with some trout print item that you'll regret unless you join the cast of Netflix's Ozark, or just say fuck it and buy a J.D. Power-approved minivan in an Eddie Bauer zip-up. Or you can take the tiniest step outside your comfort zone with this Champion x Wood Wood collaboration fleece. Sure it's white and you'll have to think twice before you destroy your hot dogs with ketchup, but the understated branding, chest and welt pockets and timeless cut will make sure this stays in your startomg rotation from NBA tip-off to Finals for as long as Joel Embiid is still in the League.